November 14, 2023

Unison CEO Thomas Sponholtz Announced as One of Inman’s '2023 Best of Proptech'

SAN FRANCISCO, November 14, 2023 ( - Unison founder and CEO, Thomas Sponholtz, has been recognized as one of Inman’s “2023 Best of Proptech,” which recognizes achievements of leaders changing the residential landscape. The full class of honorees were announced on Inman’s website on Wednesday, November 8.

Sponholtz founded Unison upon observation of two problems: first, homeowners who wished to tap into their rapidly increasing home equity were forced to use products that only added to their debt with monthly payments and interest; investors, meanwhile, were struggling to obtain efficient, diversified access to the lucrative residential real estate asset class. His solution: the equity sharing agreement.

A Unison equity sharing agreement enables homeowners to convert up to 15% of their equity into cash in exchange for a percentage of the home’s future change in value. With no interest or monthly payments, Unison does not add to a homeowner’s debt; instead, the agreement is the vehicle for financial agency. Homeowners can use the funds however they’d like: to start a small business, diversify their portfolio, renovate their home, or plan for retirement. With access to Unison’s Home Partnership Team, partnering homeowners have the resources they need to navigate their respective roads to financial wellbeing.

Sponholtz responded to the award, “I am honored to be selected for Inman’s Best of Proptech Award for 2023. I built this company to empower homeowners to achieve their dreams without languishing in the shadow of debt, and look forward to more investors embracing the opportunities presented by owner-occupied real estate as a new asset category.”

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