Who is Unison Investment Management?

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Unison Investment Management delivers efficient and scalable investment opportunities into the largest asset class in the world: owner-occupied residential real estate.

Unison’s vertically integrated investment and technology platform has originated thousands of investments in owner-occupied homes in prime locations nationwide via our lien-secured Unison Home Equity Agreement. We have been originating equity investments and managing Unison funds since 2004.

Unison builds geographically diversified portfolios which provide structurally levered home price exposure with unlimited upside and limited downside and without the drag on returns from property taxes, management, insurance, brokerage and other transaction fees.

Our portfolios provide low volatility and high risk-adjusted net returns compared to other major asset classes.

Our Strategic Advantage

At Unison, we make thousands of investments a year. In order to do this, we have built a scalable platform that has analyzed national economic data down to the city block as well as property level data for the vast majority of the 130 million+ homes in the US, substantially automating the property evaluation process. This gives us a key advantage for scaling profitably and constructing a geographically diversified portfolio. The foundation that has been built, along with the data we are collecting every day, also has compounding returns, facilitating a feedback loop that enables us to make even more informed investment decisions in the future.
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Investment Characteristics

Liability Driven Investing

Within the framework of LDI, owner-occupied residential real estate investments may be appropriate for achieving a plan’s objectives.

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Inflation Hedging

Housing is the largest component of CPI. Along with medical and education expenses, it has also been one of limited sources of inflation growth in the US, but it has not been an easily investable asset class, until now.

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Impact Investing

Unison Investment Management delivers social impact by enhancing home affordability, improving homeowner financial health, and closing the retirement savings gap.

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