Back to School: A New Look at College Town Home Price Appreciation

Colleges are traditionally considered economic hubs of the towns they reside in, offering a unique perspective on home price appreciation...




2023 Home Equity Report

The 2023 Home Equity Report showcases and analyzes data to elucidate the state of home equity over the past twelve months....


Housing Market Commentary Update

House prices have surpassed their previous peak back in June 2022, and the normalization of home price appreciation has continued to outperform many m...


1970s: The Case of the Missing Homes

There is only one other period in the modern U.S. economy that closely mirrors that which we are currently experiencing: the 1970s. Read the white pap...


Unison Announces First DBRS Rated Securitization of $202 Million of Unison Home ...

The securitization is Unison's first under DBRS Morningstar's recently finalized ratings criteria for the U.S. Home Equity Investments asset class...


Unison CEO Thomas Sponholtz Announced as One of Inman’s '2023 Best of Proptech'

As Inman expands its awards program recognizing the achievements of trailblazers throughout the real estate community, Sponholtz is selected as a winn...


Single-Family Rentals, Unison Equity Sharing Agreements, & the Case For a Divers...

Single-family rentals have long been an attractive investment option, but they’re only one side of the real estate investment market. Unison equity ag...

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