Sustainability, the foundation for our future

We believe that the integration of our ESG considerations into our investment management processes and ownership practices helps us better understand investment risks and maximize long term investment returns.

A signatory to PRI Supports TCFD
Homeowner risk reduction is measured by the difference in VaR with and without Unison as a home equity sharing partner.

Our Goal

Eliminate $1 billion
in homeowner risk
by 2025

Unison aims to build a stable foundation for homeownership by reducing leverage in the financial system, and shifting home equity exposure to where it belongs — with institutional investors.

Unison Homeowners can trade their mortgage debt for equity investments and use equity to pay off high interest debt.

Social Impact

Homeowners, investors, and society benefit from the reduction of leverage and risk carried by individual consumers. With Unison, consumers are able to proactively lower their household debt and improve their financial health.

Environmental Integration to Asset Selection and Active Management

Unison makes investments based on the belief that the integration of environmental considerations helps us better understand investment risks and maximize long-term investment returns.


of investments in urban properties

By deselecting rural properties Unison promotes urbanism and its environmental benefits.


of investments have solar panels

On-premise renewable energy reduces environmentally costly energy consumption.


of investments are in existing homes

Discouraging suburban sprawl by limiting access to capital for greenfield developments


of homeowners perform remodeling

to increase housing longevity limiting the possibility of demolition waste creation.

0 miles traveled during due diligence. 0 Scope 1 & 2 GHG Emissions.

Carbon Conscious
Asset Management

Unison focuses on reducing the environmental impact of our business originating and managing real estate assets spanning over 1.7 million square miles.

ESG Policy Principles

We consider and evaluate ESG factors alongside other risk factors in our investment processes because we believe they materially impact the value of our investments.

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We are active owners, supporting our homeowner customers to achieve superior ESG outcomes.

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We incorporate ESG best practices into our asset management approach and corporate decisions, as well as our investment processes.

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We are committed to delivering unparalleled transparency to both investors and our homeowner customers.

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We continue to expand our knowledge and evolve our practices to foster a culture of thought leadership and collaboration.

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